A little over a year ago we got a call about a three week old puppy thrown behind a dumpster near a restaurant. My husband had just got home from the hospital, and I wasn’t looking for a puppy, but I took one look at him and knew we would be his forever home. I brought him home and hubby fell in love immediately.

Willie is the first terrier mix we’ve had in our household. I would not recommend terriers to a first-time dog owner. Terriers are willful and stubborn and full of energy. Get past the first 4 months… just when you think you can’t take anymore shenanigans, and terriers are smart and loving and protective; they are happy fun and energetic dogs.

Terriers need a job to do. We keep a lot of toys around the house with plenty of opportunities for play time in the yard and long walks outside.

One thing I’ve learned is that terriers are masters at digging holes. They are tenacious mole hunters. We have plenty of holes in our backyard to prove it.

And I wouldn’t change one thing about Willie. He is a joyful ball of love and energy in our house.





My husband found Frankie wandering around a parking lot where he worked. He noticed Frankie had cuts on both shoulders and felt sorry for the poor little thing. He started feeding the dog bits of food, and by mid-morning most of my husband’s lunch had gone to the dog.
By late afternoon, Dale decided to bring Frankie home.

Dale stopped at the vet to have the cuts checked out. Both the vet and my husband were shocked when they discovered huge infected abscesses on Frankie’s shoulders; the vet cut them open to drain and noticed more infected spots that traveled along his spine and ended at the base of his tail. The vet looked at Dale and told him it looked liked the dog had been severely burned.

Dale called me from the vet and said we had a new dog.

“Frankenstein is what we are naming him,” Hubby declared.

“Why Frankenstein?”

“You’ll see why when you get home from work.”

I was shocked when I opened the door. Frankie was shaved from withers to tail. He had stitches and bandages and ointment all over him. He looked up at me with his sad brown eyes and my heart just ached for him.

It took weeks for Frankie’s wounds to heal. We bathed him in special solutions two times per day and applied ointment to the burns in-between.

We’ve had Frankie about 8 years now. He is such a loving dog. Frankie has given us love and joy and tenderness. He has kept the secrets my kids told him when they were little, dried their tears and brought them love and comfort as only a dog can.

We have been blessed to have a wonderful dog like Frankie in our lives.

Frankie shows me that dogs can be forgiving; I think he knows that we humans do not always bring pain and fear – we also bring love and comfort and healing.

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