Another Apocalypse Bites The Dust

This morning I was happy to wake-up and find the Earth was still here.




I am interested in Pre-Columbian cultures – I always have been. Over the years I have read several books about the Mayan, Aztec, Mixtec, Olmec and Incan cultures, but this year, I admit, I spent time researching the Mayan calendar and the doomsday myths surrounding it.

I remember reading how the 2012 doomsday was based on the Long Count Calendar and two phrases in the Dresden Codex meaning “black sky” and “black earth”. The Dresden is a Pre-Columbian Maya text known for its accuracy of recording lunar and solar eclipses.



And sure, there are thousands of people all over the world who used this text like a Mayan compass pointing towards our impending doom.




But me? I take it all with a grain of salt…although I did watch a lot of Ancient Aliens on The History Channel to my son’s chagrin. I wound up doing my own number crunching.



Which was quite a bit different from Terrence McKenna’s TimeWave Zero Theory – although I find it fascinating.




And, I am so glad that Zecharia Sitchin was wrong about Nibiru slamming into the Earth when Enki and the Anunnaki come back to claim us.




Not to mention all those Prepper and Conspiracy shows I’ve been watching about biological and chemical weapons.




Heck – even I want to know what to do in disastrous situations.



I sure don’t want to end up being outplayed, outwitted and out lasted by some apocalypse!




I just want to keep on keeping on. Living in Kentucky and celebrating the Holidays.

And the Mayan 2012 prophecy?

Well all I can say is another one bites the dust.



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