A little over a year ago we got a call about a three week old puppy thrown behind a dumpster near a restaurant. My husband had just got home from the hospital, and I wasn’t looking for a puppy, but I took one look at him and knew we would be his forever home. I brought him home and hubby fell in love immediately.

Willie is the first terrier mix we’ve had in our household. I would not recommend terriers to a first-time dog owner. Terriers are willful and stubborn and full of energy. Get past the first 4 months… just when you think you can’t take anymore shenanigans, and terriers are smart and loving and protective; they are happy fun and energetic dogs.

Terriers need a job to do. We keep a lot of toys around the house with plenty of opportunities for play time in the yard and long walks outside.

One thing I’ve learned is that terriers are masters at digging holes. They are tenacious mole hunters. We have plenty of holes in our backyard to prove it.

And I wouldn’t change one thing about Willie. He is a joyful ball of love and energy in our house.

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