Fireworks, Alcohol and Homeland Security

I live in Kentucky, and I am proud of it.


I do say y’all and Lou-a-vul. I have eaten squirrel and rabbit and deer; Tasty.


I wave to people in my neighborhood even if I don’t know them, and I say ‘hey’ when I am walking down the street greeting others along the way.

Believe me – I have heard all kinds of jokes about Kentucky…and for a long time now; I have never been on the Jerry Springer Show – although I’ve heard he scours Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi for ‘guests’.




This past September, Homeland Security was beefed up because of the 911 anniversary, and me and my neighbors found out just how serious the authorities in our small little city felt about it.




It was late. It was Saturday night…not exactly the anniversary date, but close enough I guess.

I put my pups to bed; put hubby to bed, and I am in the kitchen watching TV and drinking a beer while I ice my knee down and enjoy the breeze from the open window.

I hear an explosion; then a sizzle like someone is letting off fireworks… It’s 1:30 AM people!!!


My dog Frankie freaks out and runs under my legs, but I don’t think much about it – I live in Kentucky where the farmers often hold target shooting parties with bonfires and fireworks.

About ten minutes later I see the flickering red, white and yellow lights of a heavy rescue vehicle coming down the street… no sirens… that’s odd.

I step onto the back deck and watch them turn around in the cul-de-sac circle and head up the street. I go back inside. An Independence Police car comes down the street right after – blue lights flashing and parks in the turning circle.

Next thing I know there are three heavy rescue trucks and a ladder company engine complete with firemen filling my entire street.

What the heck?


I go outside my front door and notice they are all out of their vehicles and walking up the hill to my house.

Did I hear anything?

Did I see anything?

What direction did the sound come from?

All the neighbors are coming out of their houses and being asked the same questions.

Police and firemen search around the houses for about 20 minutes asking everyone questions. Then they leave.

Afterwards, a neighbor admits he was having a few drinks while setting fireworks off in his backyard.

I guess he didn’t ‘get the memo’ about the heightened security.

The street I live on probably isn’t classified as a highly desirable target by terrorists, but it is nice to know how fast my local police and fire departments respond to dangerous situations.

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